Basement Entranceways for New or Existing Homes

The PermEntry® Basement Entrance adds sales appeal and value by giving homeowners access directly from the basement to the outdoors. When you plan for a PermEntry® Basement Entrance, you open up your basement to a number of opportunities, including:


  • External basement exit in case of an emergency.
  • Access to mechanical equipment during construction, reducing traffic and damage to the main level of the home.
  • Ability to move large furniture, bulky appliances and patio furniture easily through the basement.
  • A basement as convenient and easy to use as other rooms in the home


Video at right, shows the installation in progress of a residential concrete PermEntry precast basement entrance system solution. Watch as the precast basement step section is put in to place.

Pre-installation Requirements: Click Pre-installation diagram  to enlarge

  1. Provide truck access to within 20′ of the center of thePermEntry® unit.
  2. Foundation footing and opening should be LEVEL, PLUMB, and SQUARE.
  3. Width of opening in foundation wall should be 40″ maximum for all sizes.
  4. Ensure proper soil drainage at base of unit.
  5. When foundation is back filled, leave minimum work area forPermEntry® installation as shown.
  6. Hold foundation tar coating back minimum 12″ each side of opening.

How To Measure: Click Measurements diagram  to enlarge

  1. Determine the measurement from the finished grade to the foundation footing.
  2. Refer to table below to select proper size. Top of casting should be a minimum of 2″ above finished grade.


Post-Installation Requirements: Click Post-installation diagram to enlarge

  1. Properly back fill and compact excavation with clean, suitable filland/or stone. NEVER USE CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS and NEVER backfill higher than 2″ below top of concrete casting.
  2. Final grade should be adjusted to leave 2″-6″ of casting above finished grade, immediately slope grade away from the PermEntry® unit in all directions.
  3. Avoid locating down spouts or sump discharge near the PermEntry® unit.
  4. An insulated door at bottom of stairs is recommended to reduce heat loss.



A PermEntry® Unit for Every Home…


Footing to Grade 


Casting (C)

Door (D)
Height  Length  Width
35″ – 41″ S 43″ 45″ 51-1/2″ 52″
52″ – 58″ O 60″ 60″ 51-1/2″ 30″
59″ – 66″ B 68″ 66″ 55-1/2″ 22″
67″ – 74″ C 76″ 74″ 55-1/2″ 19 1/2″
75″ – 82″ D 84″ 86″ 55-1/2″ 22″
83″ – 91″ E 92 3/4″ 95 3/8″ 55 1/2″ 22″
92″ – 99″ F 101″ 104″ 55 1/2″ 22″