Septic Tanks

All our septic tanks are approved by the Ohio Department of Health,
and are ODH Certified for Structural and Watertight Assurance.

These septic tanks are reinforced precast concrete that includes 20” green plastic risers as needed with concrete lid inserts, 4” high pressure boot seals with clamps at both the inlet and outlet, 4” T-baffle at the inlet,  6” T-baffle filter with 4” connection at the outlet and a 20” plastic distribution box with seals or levelers is included with delivery.

1000 Gallon 2-Compartment Precast Concrete Tank

  • Tank Width: 66”
  • Tank Height: 72”
  • Tank Length: 82”
  • Bottom of Inlet: 60”
  • Bottom of Outlet: 56”

1500 Gallon 2-Compartment Precast Concrete Tank

  • Tank Width: 72”
  • Tank Height: 59”
  • Tank Length: 158.5”
  • Bottom of Inlet:  46”
  • Bottom of Outlet:  44”

2000 Gallon 2-Compartment Precast Concrete Tank

  • Tank Width: 72”
  • Tank Height: 72”
  • Tank Length: 158.5”
  • Bottom of Inlet: 59”
  • Bottom of Outlet: 57”

Singulair Bio-Kinetic Wastewater Treatment System

A unique new design that exceeds
governing criteria and assures years of reliable
treatment and trouble-free operation…

  • Singulair Septic Wastewater Treatment Systems50% less energy required – the Singulair aerator operates only 30 minutes per hour, providing substantial saving over continuous – run system.
  • NSF and CSA listed to internationally recognized performance standards – certified testing insures quality, reliability, safety and long life.
  • Frequent tank pumping eliminated – 48 hour retention in the Singulair system reduces pumping frequency compared to smaller capacity systems.
  • Low operating cost – the Singulair aerator is the only electrical component.. The fractional horsepower aerator motor requires less electrical energy than most major appliances.
  • Low installation cost – the Singulair plant may be installed to treat all domestic wastewater at a cost comparable to that of a septic system.
  • Increases property value – insures a safe, sanitary home environment. Eliminates the unsightly and unsanitary conditions associated with troublesome septic tanks.
  • Durable, reliable components installed safely below grade – no exposed power cords, compressors, filters or air lines accessible to children or pets.
  • Precast concrete pretreatment chamber included eliminates the need to purchase a separate tank.
  • State-of-the-art design – incorporating the revolutionary Bio-Kinetic system, all flow through the Singulair plant is uniformly distributed throughout all four treatment stages.
  • Fully warranted components – backed by the longest warranty and exchange program in the industry.
  • Equalizes hydraulic surges – at the Standard 40 500 GPD design loading pattern, all flow is equalized an average of 48%.
  • Consistent treatment – variations in flow from guests, parties or vacations do not affect performance.

Sizes Available:

  • Model           960-500
  • Model           960-750
  • Model           960-1000
  • Model           960-1250
  • Model           960-1500